WELCOME, You have reached the San Jose Chapter of the American GI Forum Website. We welcome you to browse through this website offering our history and present day programming. As a Veteran Service Organization. We partner with the surrounding community and endeavor to blend in an array of activities and programs that benefit all of our citizens. Along with our various successful programs, we want to call your attention to the our new address in downtown San Jose across the street from Original Joe's and we continue to operate our Vida Nueva Programs at our Eastridge Facilities.

San Jose GI Forum
322 South First St.
San Jose, CA 95113
408-288-9473 FAX

Scholarship Foundation


ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: They are to develop leadership among its members and to participate intelligently and wholeheartedly in community civic affairs. It advocates the protection of the rights of all veterans regardless of race, color or creed. It grants scholarships to deserving Hispanic youth to enable them to secure a higher education. It advocates the teaching of our culture to our youth so that they can be proud of their ancestry and make a more valuable contribution to the United States of America.

SAN JOSE, CA. CHAPTER FOUNDED: The American GI Forum spread into California in the late 1950s. The Santa Clara Valley Forum was founded on June 27, 1959. Later when some members left to start a chapter in the city of Santa Clara, the Valley Forum became known as the American GI Forum San Jose Chapter. Today it is the largest non-profit American GI Forum chapter in the western United States referred to as "OLD NUMBER ONE".